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What Makes Dyson Airblades The Best, Compared to Other Hand Dryers?

What Makes Dyson Airblades The Best, Compared to Other Hand Dryers?
What Makes Dyson Airblades The Best, Compared to Other Hand Dryers?

Established in the year 1987, Dayson Ltd founded by James Dyson is a United Kingdom technology enterprise. Over the years, the company is bringing high-end innovations to every home by designing and manufacturing a wide range of household appliances. These include vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, hand dryers, and more making ours modern life simpler and effortless. As per the recent data, the company has workforce strength of 7,000 across nations.

A Great Start Ensured a Bright Prospect

All the massive hype regarding the launch of Dyson’s advanced vacuum cleaner were proved to be true as people discovered its several perks, within weeks.

In earlier days, the vacuum cleaner had bags for collecting dust, but within minutes these bags would clog, and hinder the suction power, hence performance. Dyson’s vacuum cleaner was inspired by industrial cyclones, which were used at that time to get rid of sawdust in industrial areas. And, James Dyson was the first who understood this idea to its core and implemented on a smaller scale to define the length and breadth of the vacuum cleaners market.

The Dyson Airblade

The above-highlighted term is a name of the popular model of electric hand dryer crafted and manufactured by Wiltshire, a Britain centered company Dyson. This ground-breaking product was unleashed in the years 2006 in the United Kingdom, and 2007 in the United States of America.

The Heart of This Product

Instead of operating on the same principle of a jet of heated air, this hand dryer has a thin layer of unheated air wondering a pretty high speed of 400mph -180m/s; 640 km/h like a squeegee. This has been done to better dry hands, and the company claim that it just takes 10 seconds to dry hands with utter perfection. Therefore, making it a worthy buy, it takes less time to dry hands, low consumption, and reduction in utility bills. The Dyson Airblade is quite popular in office condos, commercial spaces like malls, education spaces like schools and colleges, and even homes.

The First Product of This Range

Mitsubishi Jet Towel was the first commercial handler released in the United States of America in the year 2005, but the nucleus of this product was shaped in 1993 itself. Since its implementation took around 12 years, this hand dryer has lived up to its expectations by presenting better efficiency, lowering energy bills, and enhance motor lifespan.

After it’s unveiling, there has been no looking back for Dyson Airblade, with many more dryers released in succession. This product powered the company to win several consumer wards like the Best Overall Product at Inter build in 2007, Best workplace product innovation, to name a few.

This same technology is being used by the Air Multiplier fans manufactured nowadays by Dyson, perfect for creating a cooling ambience for personal comfort.

After going through the above highlights, it’s fair to say that Dyson hand dryers stand tall amongst thousands of products in the market claiming big. So, if you are planning to install a hand dryer in your office or home, consider Dyson Airblade.