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Sidchrome Company Profile-An Australian Mechanical Tools Manufacturer

Sidchrome Company Profile-An Australian Mechanical Tools Manufacturer
Sidchrome Company Profile-An Australian Mechanical Tools Manufacturer

Sidchrome is one of Australia’s leading brands for high-end mechanics tools. This company over the years has made a name for itself in the tools manufacturing industry by providing individuals and industries with the right arsenal of tools, thus revolutionizing various sectors. This Stanley Black & Decker, Sidchrome is known for its advanced technologies incorporated in its tools and unparalleled durability.

What is Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.?

Formerly known as the The Stanley Works, the Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Is an American tool & household hardware manufacturing firm, listed in the fortune 500 mechanical tools brands across the brand. The company’s headquarter is in greater Hartford city New Britain, Connecticut.

Tracing the Originating Footprints of the Company

It all started after the second war when there was an acute global tool shortage of tools to large extent in the European belt. Then, Royston Siddons, the father of Siddons Drop Forgings Pty Ltd-decided to explore limitless possibilities of this tools void on the global front.

Who Was Royston Siddons, and His Relation to Sidchrome?

Born in 1899, Royston Siddons was an eminent Australian metal industrialist. He laid the foundation stones of Siddons Industries Ltd, which is operative in over six nations, having on board a team of 1500 dedicated employees. The Siddons company was an empire, which also included the Siddons Rolled Steel, which is today’s Sidchrome

The original engineering of the Sidchrome tools began in  Brunswick region of city Melbourne, Victoria state. The production of tools by the company was done in the Australian territory till the year 1996. As, then, the company was acquired by The Stanley Works. So, now the manufacturing of the tools take place in the Taiwan region.

Today, Sidchrome tools are of the top-selling range in the markets of Australia & New Zealand.

The Range of Sidchrome Tools

The Sidchrome being a top-ranked brand has on offer the widest selection of utility tools. These include pipe wrench, Air & Cordless Tools, Automotive & Specialty Tools, Electrical & Diagnostics, Pliers & Cutting tool, Torque Control, Striking & Prying, Spanners & Wrenches, Sockets & Accessories, and much more to making the complicated mechanical task convenient & effortless.

Sidchrome Sponsor Sport Events

Sidchrome is the official sponsor of several sporting events held in Australia and New Zealand. One such racing event is Australia’s V8 Supercar Championship Series, the company sponsor the most improved Award.

Trust Sidchrome To Stay In Pace With The Evolving Industries

One of the single biggest Sidchrome is unrivaled in the market-, even to competitor Loctite– is for its ability to embrace newer technologies to offer their clients more, than their competitors. In terms of technologies advancements, the company is second to none, because its manufactured products are updated regularly to further enhance productivity, improve quality & durability. Right from solder paste & tool storage to sockets & accessories,  Sidchrome is the name to trust for your mechanical tools needs & air compressors.

To Sum Up

For more details about the company, visit the official website of Sidchrome or you can also surf Wikipedia for the company’s background.