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How Zakat Help to Build a Water Well in Africa And in Which Countries?

How Zakat Help to Build a Water Well in Africa And in Which Countries?
How Zakat Help to Build a Water Well in Africa And in Which Countries?

To make the world a better place to live, every religion pays its share impressively. No matter you live in India or in any other corner of the world, finding people belonging to different communities or religions is a common thing to witness.

Just like any other, there is Islamic culture which has been practiced by a good number of people throughout the world. In order to keep its grounded values alive, people still believe in executing holy and pious practices like- Zakat Al Fitr, Fitrana etc.

The noble causes of Islamic culture-

The Islamic culture is a true believer in forgiving and helping the ones who are in need. Somehow this has become the root cause of practicing different rituals promoting humanity.

With every passing year, the promoters of the Islamic religion are increasing because of its high mankind rituals. This is one of the highly celebrated religions where people follow a strict protocol, in order to please their Allah or almighty by adopting harsh changes in their life. Sometimes, these changes consist of bachelorhood and sharing a large amount of their wealth with the ones who need it the most.

Considering all such factors, Islamic Dharma is an ideal way to walk on the humanity path and helps those who are underprivileged. As practiced or instructed by the Muslim priests, people are supposed to practice Zakat Al Fitr.

Zakat Al Fitr-

It is a noble cause of sharing one’s particular share of wealth with the poor or needy people. This wealth can be in any form, for instance- grains, precious metal, shelter, clothes or cooked food. It is completely up to the willingness of the one who is paying it.

Keeping all such factors in mind, many Muslim community or charity institutions started which work to give poor people a better lifestyle.

According to an informative survey, almost every year, approximately 8, 00,000 people die a miserable death due to the paucity of clean drinking water. This case has been witnessed the most in different sections of Africa.

How has Zakat Al Fitr improved Africa?

In order to practice holy deeds, Muslim communities practice Zakat Al Fitr in Africa and its required regions. To make it possible, many non-profit organizations like- Zakat Foundation of America, make sure to reach the most hidden sections of the world and help under poverty people by providing them with sufficient amount of basic necessities.

Around 6 years ago, in 2013, an Islamic organization helped to build a water well in Africa by raising funds of $2,500 by different business entities, bake sales, donations, fundraisers and other small or growing Muslim communities and then accomplished the task of developing a medium for healthy and clean water.

This project took place in Burkina Faso (a regional country in Africa) where people were unaware of drinking clean water which further led them to drink dirty water for years.

Even after achieving and helping a lot of needy people, such organizations are continued to proffer people with what they are in need of.