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How Does a Hot Plate Work?

How Does a Hot Plate Work?
How Does a Hot Plate Work?

From always, the food industry has been charming us with a splendid range of commercial or domestic appliances. The basic motto of using them is to bring an ease in the cooking procedures. Be it cutting vegetables in bulk or churning buttermilk for your black forest cake, kitchen chores have become more of a child’s play. And for this, all thanks to savvy kitchen equipment.

Amidst all, hot plates have become quite a trendsetter in the industry, presently. Why? Well, because of the demand and necessity of serving sizzling hot food. Contributing efforts to this new bandwagon in the food market, there are enormous restaurants which have started serving food in sizzler plates. Basically, these sizzlers are more of commercial hot plates that are being used for serving & keeping food warm for long g.

 Keeping in mind technological advancement, now we get to see different types of hot plates on the market.

  1. Induction hot plate – Presently, hot plates for cooking purposes is no less than a boon. It lets you maintain the food quality & taste for long. Induction gas cook tops or hot plates are the latest hotshots in the market. The induction technique heats up the radiating plate which ultimately transfers the heat directly to the bottom of the pan & fastens the cooking process. It has a copper coil which if amalgamated with magnet releases a high amount of heat which is apt for cooking purposes.
  1. Electronic hot plate – These plates are quite high-tech and usually have an electronic wire embedded inside the coil. This wire starts releasing heat, if attached to a socket. The best thing about electronic hot plates is its evenly cooking ability. In a high majority of cases, it has been seen that electronic hot plates are recommended and preferred over the induction ones for commercial uses.

Though, you might be familiar with the right usage of hot plates but people hardly know how it actually works. If you are curious to know it, continue reading and unfold all the answers to your doubts.

How does it work?

Almost every hot plate has a Nichrome wire which has high resistance potential to convert the friction into heat. Whenever hot plates are attached to adequately required electrical supply, it automatically starts heating and helps cooking food faster.

In order to keep a better check on the heating temperature or medium, you are always provided with a knob to control it. When you fluctuate the heating temperature of the hot plate, it instantly reduces the energy amount.

These plates are available in multiple sizes ranging from 2 square cm to 300 square cm. it complexly depends on your usage. Generally large sized hot plates are used for commercial uses whereas the smaller ones are used for domestic use.

The bottom line-

No matter which model, brand, size or shape of the hot plate you use, in a high majority of cases, the basic technique is similar. The purchase decision completely relies on your usage requirements.