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How DeWalt Became a Name in The Construction And Manufacturing Industry?

How DeWalt Became a Name in The Construction And Manufacturing Industry?
How DeWalt Became a Name in The Construction And Manufacturing Industry?

For those who work around or with power and hand tools know very well about DeWalt. This name doesn’t need any introduction as it has been serving countless industries the best quality hand tools which are used to fix your bathroom leakages and even your plush car. Though it’s an American product but at present, DeWalt is catering to Australia and other sections of the world too.

About DeWalt-

An eminent American brand, established in 1924, DeWalt has been catering proficiently to all the hand and power tool needs of the different industries. It’s been almost 93 years that DeWalt has been manufacturing, constructing, woodworking and selling the best quality hand tools.

Business parent-

The Stanley Works, presently known as Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. is a Fortunate 500 American manufacturing company that constructs reliable quality hand and power tools for industrial and domestic use. This company has three partners- Frederick Trent Stanley, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker.

They started working on this concept in 1843 which makes it almost 174-year-old business idea. Around 17 years ago, the trio of partners agreed to change its official name to Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. from The Stanley Works.

History of DeWalt-

In 1923, Raymond E. DeWalt came up with a product named as radial arm saw. Further, in the same year, Raymond established a company which uses to produce hand and power tools. Initially, the manufacturing of such products use to be done in an ordinary manner but later with the passage of time, operations and the shape of tools changed with the present day demand.

Later Raymond bought a company named as American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc. in 1949 and then after 11 years (in 1960) Black & Decker bought the hand tool manufacturing company from Raymond.

Black & Decker were not much impressed with the concept of manufacturing radial arm saws which is why they sold it further. In case, you wish to have those antique design radial arm saw you can still buy them by Original Saw Co. This company has been the same manufacturing product only.

Later, in 1992, Black & Decker thought of revamping their business idea and added a series of hand and power tools to the DeWalt business idea. And at present, DeWalt manufactures more than 200 different types of hand tools which have been sold with around 800 types of accessories.

Slowly and steadily, it converted into The Stanley Works and presently as Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. This happened due to the involvement of Frederick Trent Stanley which formed an awesome and successful trio of business partners which has been serving world class products all over the world.

As of now, DeWalt has multiple manufacturing buildings in different sections of the U.S which include- New Britain, MD, Shelbyville, Greenfield, IN, Hampstead, Jackson, TN, SC, NC, Charlotte.

Their professional struggle and journey have been a great inspiration for millions of newbies stepping into the entrepreneurship world.