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History of Ballet Dance

History of Ballet Dance
History of Ballet Dance

Dance- One word that lifts up everyone’s mood and is enough to compel you groove even in your mood swings. If seen according to the present time standards, the scenario and perspective for dance have changed to a great extent. Now, people don’t just see it as a passion or something they are interested in, but as a righteous professional choice which has already carved many careers till now and still continuing with amusing upsurge. Somehow with this, we have seen a huge hike in the number of ballet classes for kids opening throughout the world.

In last one decade, a notable development is not just seen in the IT sector but in the dance industry too. In order to boost the dance mania of rising talents, different types of dance forms have been introduced and now are being taught by the dancing schools established in various sections of the world.

For today, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the Ballet dance form. Amongst all, this is considered to be one of the highly preferred dance forms and entices little angels the most.

The History of Ballet Dance Art-

Having its roots in Italy, this dance form was originated back in the 15th and 16th centuries. In no time, Ballet became the trending hotshot of the town making people maniac about it. Witnessing it, Catherine De’ Medici (Italian Noblewoman and Queen of France from 1547 to 1559) introduced Ballet in France as well and soon, it was all over the place.

The Queen’s liking for Ballet soon turned out to be a passion, in which she even performed a Ballet piece named- ‘Le Paradis d’ Amour’ at her daughter’s royal wedding. After this, the trend of court ballet picked up race which became a major medium of presenting one’s thoughts about music, literature while entertaining people with interesting moves.

In 1573, the first ever court ballet was represented, grasping the attention of millions, it made its way to everyone’s heart and ultimately promoted Ballet. Having the involvement of Catherine De’ Medici, many people called it a royal affair but later this misconception was blown away when Ballet stage shows were permitted, almost in every section of France.

Later in the 17th Century, Louis XIV (The King of France from 1643 to 1715) was also the proud owner of the first ever theatrical ballet company and the grand Paris Opera Ballet which was one of the biggest attractions for Ballet dancers, in that century. Following the bandwagon, soon many other Ballet organizations registered themselves and amongst them, a few were- The Royal Ballet, The New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, The San Francisco and the National Ballet Academy and Trust of India.

Now at present, apart from such Ballet associations, there are end numbers of Ballet dance classes which are making toddlers the rising talents in the world of Ballet. This has somehow made students and their parents much concerned about dance and have made it a great professional choice to be ventured.