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5 Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas in 2018

5 Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas in 2018
5 Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas in 2018

Whenever renovation strikes our mind, what comes first? Probably, adding a deck, installing the driveway or redoing the kitchen cabinets. But, what about your bathroom? Bathing-and-lavatory space is often the most neglected room in the entire house, no homeowner is ready to invest even a single penny unless for plumbing problems such as the leaking tap repair.

Did you know an average woman spend 3.25 years of her life in the washroom? Similarly, for men, they too love to take time when styling up their hair near the washroom basin. If we are spending so much time in there, then why not renovate it first.

Here, we provide a comprehensive gallery of five innovative bathroom remodelling ideas.

So, Let’s Take a Tour:

1. Add Large Mirrors To Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious

Well, Hollywood style bathrooms having enormous space, a dedicated magazine cabinet is a thing of past today. Nowadays, the washrooms in the modern apartment culture are getting smaller than ever, this has what promoted the trend of adding large-width mirrors. They gives an illusion of increased space; it is proven by several studies and reports. And, if bathroom mirrors are done right, you are bound to bag worthy appreciations from whosoever uses your washroom.

2. Bathroom Fittings Are Essential

Often overlooked, the bathroom fittings are an integral part of a bathing space, it is what draws a fine line between a good bathroom and a lavish one. As a rule of thumb, buy the bathroom fittings in accord with your bathing zone interiors. Here, you can call-in your trusted plumber to help you select the right brand and the sizes of the fittings.

3. More Lighting For Pure Class and Elegance

Nowadays, the lighting has become a significant aspect when designing a new bathroom and renovating old ones, all thanks to the emergence of LEDs. Instead of going with a traditional overhead big light-lamp, go with lighting layering around the bathroom, this can spell new life to your dull-looking washroom by magnifying different tasks zones and highlight every inch of the space with true elegance by plumber in Newcastle.

4. Unique Tile Shapes For An Amazing Feel

Over the years, the computer technology has stamped its authority in every industry, and home decor sector cannot be far away. The graphics, colour & designs of tiles have made a valuable progress recently. Therefore, you can surf online or visit more than home decor mall in your region to select unique shaped tiles, which can take your bathroom renovation to the next level.

5. Nordic Minima, The Hot Trend of 2018

This is a budding trend in 2018; it is about making the area around the basin uncluttered, no big mirrors, just simplicity to create an authentic feel of richness. It is suggested to contact an interior decorator to guide you to implement this style.

Last Words of Advice

Before you think about updating your bathroom space, the most prominent aspect you can’t overlook are little plumber works such as the shower seal, dripping taps fixed, leaky pipes, clogged drains, dripping faucets, slow draining tub, and much more.