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Different Ways to Waterproof Your Bathroom

Different Ways to Waterproof Your Bathroom
Different Ways to Waterproof Your Bathroom

When every second human being spends one and a half years of his or her lifetime in the washroom, it is hard to neglect this important section of our homes. The eminence of the bathroom in our homes cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to house renovation plans. The washroom is one such place where we all are taken away from our daily stresses and worries. Though here we are mentally switched off, but inspirations strike many when sitting on a lavatory. On the whole, we start and end our day with the bathroom.

However, our washroom demands continuous upkeep, right from ensuring the flooring is dry to replacing the bathroom accessories now and then. When renovating your bathing space, waterproofing should be one of your topmost priorities. There is a length of reasons for it. Firstly, waterproofing the bathroom seals all the leak spots. Also, prevent molds and dampness around the tilling or the roof wall, and boost your property value.

Here, in this post, we’ll discuss the different ways to waterproof bathroom, so read until the end to know a brief about them:

1. Single-Sheet Plastic

This is one the cheapest means to waterproof your bathroom to a certain extent. You can easily find a single-sheet plastic, both online and at bathroom accessory stores, in a variety of designs and colour choices. This is most popular used in areas when the temperatures are typically hot and humid, and low rainfall. Today, in the market, there are several options it comes to single sheet plastic, you can select as per your budget.

2. Tilling the Bathroom

Re-tiling is one of the effective yet economical means to waterproof your bathroom. Nowadays, the tiles come in a variety of material options, spanning from marble, ceramic, to slate. Here, you have the luxury to pick anything as per your re-tiling budget. Today, most of the homeowners prefer tiles over single sheet plastic, because, not only they better waterproof the bathing zone, also look expensive and royal. A fully tiled washroom will ensure is resistant to water, also make a big statement about your standard of living. You can continuous the tiles for the floor also to give a complete look.

3. Acrylic Walls

Acrylic is the buzzword nowadays, there are considered as the future of bathroom waterproofing. They are typically waterproofed walls, mostly in the colour of white and off-white, and can easily be installed around the shower and bathtub area.

4. Stone Walling

If you ready to spend some extra dollars for something stylish and elegant, then stonewalling is a great option, they are fool-proof to any sort of leaks. The stone wall has a magical ability to spell an aura of exoticness to the entire space, in no time.

5. Glass Walling

Another great option for waterproofing bathroom is to install glass walls. Glass is definitely a great option, by virtue of this waterproofing property, also looks sophisticated.

Concluding thought

All the above ideas are great, you can opt for any of these, in accordance with your budget and taste for bathroom aesthetics.

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