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How Many New Cryptocurrencies Came to The Market in 2017?

How Many New Cryptocurrencies Came to The Market in 2017?
How Many New Cryptocurrencies Came to The Market in 2017?

This world of digitization has given us the opportunity to experience a new version of currencies which have become a hotshot of the entire world, at present. Apart from anything else, cryptocurrency is something which lets us have the ability and opportunity to make handsome earnings beyond our 9 to 5 mundane jobs. This profit-seeking medium has become the latest attention of the entire world thus more and more people are transferring their consideration.

With the rising mania of cryptocurrency, other businesses like- bitcoin logo design making has gained a good amount of attention in no time. And according to a stats report, around 35% of college pass outs prefer to join logo design industry just because of its success rate. Making your career in cryptocurrency has become quite easier especially because of the opportunities that you are available with.

Like million others, if you are also eager to know about cryptocurrency and its different types which have been recently launched in the market then continue reading and put all your curiosities on rest.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is considered to be one of the highly preferred digital currencies that are used as a platform to secure transactions. With the right usage of cryptocurrency, it becomes easier to prevent the additional units of an asset. Its concept started with three different types of cryptocurrencies including- virtual currencies, alternative currencies and digital currencies.

Those who are associated with this world know that cryptocurrency changes its trends and welcome alterations wholeheartedly. Which is why, almost every second month, we get to know about the newly launched cryptocurrencies. In case, you didn’t get enough time to know read out about the cryptocurrencies launched in 2017 then check out the new updates about cryptocurrency.

In 2017, around 9 different currencies knocked the door of the cryptocurrency world. and it includes- BitConnect, Komodo, Ubiq, Bitcoin Cash, EOS. IO, TRON, Sirin Labs, Electroneum, and ZenCash. Let’s unravel more about these and some other currencies which are recently launched.

  1. Bitcoin – Among all the currencies, bitcoin is at the top of the list of currency preferences. According to a static report, it has a total capitalization of $128,359,245,597 approximately. This currency was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto.

  1. Bitcoin Cash – In the initial stage, this currency was associated with bitcoin but recently it got its own recognition. It has a market value of $128,359,245,597 approximately.

  1. Ripple – According to an analysis report, ripple comes under the top 10 currencies of cryptocurrency. It started in 2012 and presently holds the value of $8,748,471,371 easily.

  1. Dash – Also known as Darkcoin and Xcoin, the dash is more of a virtual currency which came into existence in 2015. The actual value of one dash is $446.86.

Concluding words-

The trends of cryptocurrency change every day and bring a new change in this world. Among all the factors, currency is one major factor which can let you have a better exposure of the same. To do well in this industry, updating yourself with the recent knowledge and facts is always a must.