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These Are The Best Tools for Plumbers

These Are The Best Tools for Plumbers
These Are The Best Tools for Plumbers

Who would love to see a dripping tap or a leaky shower which irritates you more than anything in the world? It is the worst kind of home repair issue which may not look like a huge one but leaves no scope to ruin the beauty of your bathroom.

For once you can get rid of those moist walls but plumbing issue is something which is hard to get rid of and that too when you do not have ample knowledge about its fixture. No matter you are associated with plumbing profession or not but having the basic knowledge about minor fixtures is something that you should always have. This is because; you can’t always call a plumber immediately. And to come up with a temporary fix, make sure to be always available with a hand tool or a toolkit which can let you get the job done appropriately.

Having the basic information about tools can save you from the expenses of hiring a plumber. And in case, you are new to this concept then here is a list of tools which you should know about. Get to know about these tools and witness which one is missing in your power tools kit. Take a quick glance-

  1. Tongue & groove pliers – This one tool is generally used for twisting, holding and tightening the pipes or any other fixtures. With the help of this tool, it is easy to complete your tasks in no time and make it easier to accomplish your tasks in no time. If you wish to complete your task faster or cannot handle the excessive water pressure then use this tool.
  1. Propane torch – Correcting the copper wires or fixing them appropriately on their right place becomes easier with the help of propane torch which is quite handy and can be used without any technical knowledge. This tool is easily available within $30-$50 in the market.
  1. Wrench – Among all these, the wrench is one such tool which is quite easy to use and is generally used to tighten or loosen the taps, nuts or any other fixture. This tool tests your strength at its best.
  1. Hand auger – Also renowned as plumber’s snake, hand auger is used for drain-cleaning which is quite flexible to use. This is used for showers, sinks, and tubs for a better cleaning process.
  1. Tubing cutter – it looks somehow like a C-clamp, it is one of the best tools to cut any copper pipe easily.
  1. Plunger – In order to dislodge sinks, tubs or toilets, the plunger is all you need. It is quite cheap; you can buy it for $5-$10. It’s easy operations make it one of the best choices of a plumber.

The final word- 

Being always readily available with a set of tools is always necessary. This is because you can’t fix any of the plumbing issues without the help of tools. So, always make sure to have a tool kit & learn the operations of the same.