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What Are Pipe Benders?

What Are Pipe Benders?
What Are Pipe Benders?

Since ages, tools have been making our lives much easier than ever before. All thanks to technology which has made it possible for us. Among a wide array of tools, there are pipe benders which are used to a great extent of uses. Though rare people know about this tool but it is used for a lot of purposes and is quite convenient to have our hands on it.

What is pipe bender?

Designed to give pipes a desirable shape and turn, a pipe bender is an excellent tool which is usually used for plumbing purposes. This one tool has made pipe fitting and cutting much easier than it was earlier. At present, almost every plumber uses it to accomplish their task, especially when it is concerned to water pipe fittings.

This tool has impressive power and ability to cut the pipe or turns it finely which makes it the first ever choice of every worker. Except plumbing, it is used in automobiles and mechanical industry as well. It can manage to bend 3-quarter inch to 2 inches of pipe easily. The tool looks like a round tube made up of heavy steel, comes with a thickness of around 7-8 inches. There’s no doubt, the pipe bender is quite helpful in twisting & turning the stiff pipes but to make it possible, a few efforts from your end are also required.

In case you are new to this technical world, here’s a quick overview of the complete procedure which lets you know better about the right usage of this tool. Check this out-

  1. Install the tool – In order to start the process, assemble the tool appropriately and then make it ready to work for you. It is quite easy to assemble it, if you don’t know the right process to do so then you can always go through the manual guide available with this tool.

  1. Check the follower back – Now the check the die and follower back, if they are the corresponding position or not. This is important to do, in order to get a better phase of the pipe.

  1. Get ready with pipe – Take the pipe which needs to be altered.

  1. Insert the pipe in the tool – Slowly & steadily insert the pipe in between the adjusting points of the tool to give it a desirable turn.

  1. Take control on U-strap – Put some pressure on the U-strap to turn it around & make it look apt.

  1. Install the degree pointer aptly – There are times when you might not be able to bend the pipe properly, as desired. To make it possible, apply the degree pointer again & then you are likely to see the results.

  1. Start bending – With this you can again start the bending process.

  1. Now remove the pipe – Once done with it, you are all set to remove the pipe now.

The bottom line-

Finding out this tool on the market isn’t a huge task but getting your hands comfortably on it is what you need to learn. It’s quite easy to do and can help you in multiple ways.