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Requirements For a Public Washroom in an Airport

Requirements For a Public Washroom in an Airport
Requirements For a Public Washroom in an Airport

For once, you can accept to have food in an ordinary eatable point instead of a lavish hotel, but when it comes to your personal hygiene, compromise is not what you should look for.

In terms of lifestyle, you might keep your standards high but then what goes wrong when it is about hygiene? On an average, almost every second person visits a restaurant, airport or any other public place where they often use public toilets. Now, when entering a public toilet, the first thing that strikes our mind is if the toilet is clean or not. But at the same time, at leaving the same place, we never think if we should leave it clean for others or not. This common perspective has somehow ruined the reputation of public toilets.

As compared to any public convenience, toilets in restaurants or airports are much cleaner and hygienic to be used. And the sole reason is apt maintenance. But there are times when even a plush public spot like airport fails to facilitate passengers with basic toilet amenities.

If you are anyhow associated with the maintenance or construction of public toilets in airports or any other public place, then here are few requirements that you should keep in your mind. You never know how your idea can help thousands of people.

  1. Design – Using public toilets should be simple, so make sure not to complicate things for people. Keep the layout or placement of toilet amenities intelligible, this will help people get easy access to the place and use it appropriately.

  1. Think of motherhood – This is rare. Public convenience architects don’t think of mothers. Placing a Rubbermaid baby change table or a steady baby changing station will be enough. This won’t acquire much space but will prove to be a great convenience for women who just entered into motherhood.

  1. Lighting – Keep the lights dim yet sufficiently adequate, especially around the mirrors. This is the best thing you could do for all the women.

  1. Flooring – Try using non-slippery floors so, children and aged people can walk properly. In a high majority of cases, the bathroom floor tiles are slippery which leads to sudden accidents which turn out to be a big blunder sometimes.

  1. Toiletries – Paper towels, sanitizer, liquid soap, sanitary napkins for women toilet or cotton buds around baby changing station can be few things that should be kept as toiletries in almost every public toilet. Keeping a large number of toiletries may lead to wastage so better to refill the stock whenever required.

  1. Bathroom equipment – Hand dryers, soap dispenser, paper towel carrier are little equipment that can standardize a public toilet in many ways.

  1. Urinals – Make sure to install the urinals at a perfect height so, people can use it appropriately. Apart from this, the installed toilet seats must be made up of high-quality material to ensure safety & hygiene of women.

  1. Think of children & handicapped convenience – Apart from women or men; make sure to design toilets in accordance with the convenience of handicapped or children’s too.

The bottom line-

Whether it is the flooring or lighting, everything should be decided, in order to comfort public. Apart from this, keeping this in mind that public consists of a male, female, homosexuals, handicapped and even children is important. Only then you’ll be able to design an ideal public convenience.