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Retracing Sidchrome’s 80 Years of Excellence

Retracing Sidchrome’s 80 Years of Excellence
Retracing Sidchrome’s 80 Years of Excellence

A prominent Australian brand for machinery accessories, Sidchrome was established in the year 1931 in Collingwood, Victoria, by Royston Siddons. The company has its headquarters is in Heidelberg West, Victoria, with hand tools being its most selling product range worldwide.

How Did the Journey Begin?

To cater the post world war void, which led to the scarcity of machine tools and equipment, Royston Siddons dissolved its previous company Forgings Pty Ltd and gave birth to a machinery tools manufacturing business with the name Sidchrome. From there onwards, the company has gone from strength to strength, gaining grounds in Australia’s mechanics market, through excellence and durability offered by its selection of accessories.

Earlier, the production house of Sidchrome was in Brunswick area of the Brisbane city of Victoria. Over the years, with the increase in the production rate and acquiring of The Stanley Works, in 2010, the company shifted its base to Taiwan, to expand its production capability.

What Paved the Road for Their Success Story? 

There are no hidden secrets when comes to the dramatic progression of Sidchrome ever since its founding, it’s solely because of organisation’s dedication and passion to create high-quality products, which not only score high on the functionality front, also durable enough to withstand extreme usage for many years. Apart from fine quality, another reason for the company’s explosive popularity is its reasonable pricing, which ensures its rivalries have no chance to take down.

Company Takes Active Participation in Sports Event

Racing is one of the leading sports covering several parts of the Australian continent and the New Zealand, therefore, this Australian brand over the years made hefty investments in racing events of 1970’s to promote the brand and stay in connection with the people of these regions. Also, Sidchrome organises salon competition in New Zealand and Australia.

The Business Landscape of Company in 2017

Even in 2017, Sidchrome is unrivalled in terms of annual sales and quality of goods. Today, the company is the most selling automotive brand in the Australian in the New Zealand territory. Worth mentioning, the company sponsors V8 Supercar Championship series.

ECO-Smart- the Way Ahead

Since the acquiring of Stanley Works (renamed to Stanley Black & Decker in 2010), Sidchrome helped its gained company to make a mark in the Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index for sustainability efforts in the vertical of IEQ Machinery and Electrical Equipment. This company has conquered the highest attainable score for both Climate Performance Leadership Index and Climate Disclosure Leadership Index.

Where Can You Buy Sidchrome Tool Kits?

You can check out the wide range of Sidchrome tool kits from its online store, for authentic product assurance. But for great deals and alluring discounts on your purchase, you should seek them from popular online stores shipping these mechanics goods in your location. Here you can also apply coupon codes to save that extra dollar. However, if you are in great need of a certain toolkit; you can look for them from a local hardware outlet.