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Top 5 Engineering Schools in Australia Where Futures Are Carved

Top 5 Engineering Schools in Australia Where Futures Are Carved
Top 5 Engineering Schools in Australia Where Futures Are Carved

Australia not just has one of the best cricket teams but the peerless engineering institutes as well. At present, myriad schools & universities have occupied a large section of Australia thus is considered as one of the best countries to pursue higher education.

The underlying purpose of every educational institute is to deliver quality education & making every student capable enough to pitch for the best Engineers’ job description. From past few years, Engineering has been seen among the highest paid profession which is why; almost every second student wants to opt for Engineering, no matter what the stream is.

Engineering is not restricted to one course, but it has a wide array of streams to be chosen from which includes- automotive, Food processing technology, chemical, mining, mechanical & factory, construction, structural, computer, Geomatics, electronic, Aerospace & Aircraft, Water and sanitary, Transport and much more.

Here are the top 5 universities in Australia that offer you the education that is worth every penny. Take a quick look before you go for enrolling yourself in any college.

  1. Australian National University (ANU) – Australia’s number one University and ranked as 22nd best University in the world, ANU is located in Canberra. It has its own hostel which offers accommodation to more than 22,500 students of this University. Those who want to work for Bobrick must try this place.

  1. The University of Melbourne – Founded in 1853, this University is renowned for its Engineering courses. It has attained 42nd rank in the world and has four Australian Prime Ministers in its faculty. After ANU it is the second highly preferred University which is also the 2nd oldest University of Australia.

  1. The University of Sydney – Offering valuable Engineering, law, finance, science and medicine courses, since 1850. This University is at the 3rd rank in Australia and has attained 46th position all over the world. They have a renowned campus where graduate students are offered respected jobs with handsome salary packages. They’ve let many capable students Work for Tektronix.

  1. University of New South Wales (UNSW) – Established in the year 1947, this is one of the finest Universities of all times which has been ranked at the 49th number all over the world. Situated in Sydney, this University has given produced many famous personalities including- Cate Blanchett (Actor, Film Director & Producer), Sam Worthington (Actor), Simon Baker (Television Director) and much more.

  1. University of Queensland (UQ) – Located in Brisbane, it is ranked at 51st position in the world. Its one of the founding members is renowned for the research on cervical cancer.

Wrapping up-

When it comes to education & especially Engineering, Australia has a lot to cater. They have got the best schools & universities that are world widely known for delivering proficient knowledge & skills.  These 5 universities are top notch & highly renowned to carve many students’ career.

So, if you’re fortunate enough to get a chance to study in Australia, go for any of the above-mentioned universities to open the gateway to a successful career.