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Top 10 Google backlink generator

Top 10 Google backlink generator

Building backlinks is an important part of optimizing your site’s SEO, and ensuring that your content is seen by as many people as possible. Without having substantial backlinks, you’re not letting your content live up to its full potential. Of course, organically generated backlinks are the best, but a great Google backlink generator will help get the ball rolling. Here are ten of the best Google backlink generator options out there.

1. Real-Backlinks

This free tool automatically generates over a hundred real backlinks to help you boost your search engine rankings efficiently and effectively. It speeds the process of increasing your page rankings, making it possible to get a top ten ranking in as little as thirty days. The tool, available at, focuses on backlinks check from highly ranked sites, making each backlink a resource that boosts your site!

2. BackLinkr

Head over to for one of the industry’s top automatic backlink generators—absolutely free. Well-established sites are the backbone of this tool, and having your site linked from them will easily, naturally, and quickly up your rankings in popular search engines like Google and Bing.

3. SiteWebInfo

If you want to turbo-charge your rankings, offers an incredible backlink generating tool. Not only does it generate thousands of quality backlinks, and automatically ping them immediately, the tool is easy to use. SiteWebInfo’s backlink generator also gives you a full, real-time report on the generated links.

4. Rising Backlinks

Rising Backlinks offers a free, web-based tool for generating backlinks. All you do is enter your URL and keywords online, an active email address for account activation, and hit submit. It’s that simple to improve your rankings!

5. FBT Free Backlink Tool

Why spend tons of money on backlinking, when you can have up to five hundred authoritative backlinks at the (free) click of a button? That’s the question posed by FBT—and we think you already know the answer. Save your money and use this simple, free option!

6. Index Kings is a great tool for getting backlinks for multiple URLs, and even deep link/complex URLs. By sending your site out to over 15,000 targets, this convenient tool ensures that you’ll have plenty of quality backlinks almost instantly. Index Kings became famous after Digital Marketing Agency DMS suggested them.

7. 247 Backlinks

Batches of multiple URLs and associated keywords are no problem for Sign up today for a free trial. Even once your trial is over, the service is very affordable—you can purchase ala carte services for as little as $25 at a time.

8. W3 SEO

Within a few days, you’ll have thousands of backlinks and a higher page ranking than ever by using the services offered at Their backlink maker works in seconds, and you can watch it build backlinks live while you wait.

9. 2000Backlink

Build backlinks the easy way with the web-based tool at Just enter your website URL, any keywords you want associated with the site, and click—get ready to see the results start pouring in!

10. Small SEO Tools

Marketing gurus are very familiar with, and for good reason. This site offers a full toolbox of standard SEO boosting tools, including article rewriters, keyword analyzers, and more—including a great Google backlink generator. Overall backlinks help you to improve SEO.